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Change Your Theme Icons (Application Icon) in 7610/6630/6680

Change Your Theme Icons (Application Icon) in 7610/6630/6680
Reviewed by Hammad Naziron Apr 01 2013
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How to Replace theme icons with other themes for s60?
This trick is for symbian series60 mobiles. Sometimes you may like only the icons of any themes but not the whole theme, but there is no option to edit the theme icons like in Nokia N70, n72, 3230 etc. Now you may replace these icons with any other theme you like.
Fexplorer or any other file manager application.
You need to do the following:
1) First of all deactivate that theme which you want to replace icons, and then confirm where you install that theme whether in phone memory or memory card.
In my case i suppose both themes are in drive E.
2) Now open fexplorer and go to drive E:/system/skins here you get all installed themes..
3) Now locate that theme whose icons you like. These folder may be names e.g. 8efn3nfcd.
4) Open your theme folder, there is the .ini file with the common name of that folder i.e. 8efn3nfcd.ini. Copy that file.
Note:- If .ini file is not available, dont worry about it just open the themes and click on "edit". Now just change the color of themes or any change made in it and then again go to fexplorer and you find that .ini file is created.
5) Now go to that theme folder whose icons you want to replace. Now paste here and replace the name of that .ini file with the name of that folder.
6) You have done. Now go to themes and activate it.

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